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Athletic Apparel companies are a growing niche market in the Textile and Apparel Clothing Industry. This market has exploded in recent years as activewear companies moved from exclusively outfitting athletes to offering comprehensive lifestyle brands, this trend is expected to continue with analysts indicating 50% growth by 2020. Under Armour, Inc. (“UA”) is a leading athletic apparel and active lifestyle brand that specializes in “development, marketing and distribution of branded performance apparel, footwear and accessories.” UA’s core business is engineering high-performance fabrics (moisture-wicking, heat- regulating, etc…) as alternatives to traditional athletic products. The company tailors its product lines to different climates, fits, and price-points. 2013 marked an important shift for UA as it moved beyond its retail product business into the technology realm with the acquisition of MapMyFitness, Inc. In early 2015, UA added to its technology portfolio by acquiring Endomondo, ApS. and MyFitnessPal, Inc. Through these digital platform acquisitions, UA gained an online fitness community of over 120 million registered users. This forms the foundation of UA’s “Connected Fitness” branding, which it describes as the “first social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.” While UA is a top performing company in the athletic apparel industry, it faces serious competition from global powerhouses like Nike and Adidas, as well as from smaller independent labels

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