Business Analysis : Walgreen Corporation

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Walgreen Corporation, incorporated in 1901, is a pharmacy retail chain company and through various acquisitions, the company grew into the largest one in the United States. For more than 100 years, Walgreen has seen constant level of growth. Walgreen is considered the industry leader, servicing 30.8% of the customer in the whole industry. Additionally, the company has more than 83,000 stores and 251,000 employees. The company offers its customers a wide variety of merchandise products other than prescription and non-proscription drugs, such as household products, food and beverage, and cosmetics. Walgreen also provides many convenience services, such as their photo center, mail pharmacy services, and health services. As the era keeps moving forward, this company continues to obtain leads in the industry. It changes with the era and keeps coming up with new market strategies to succeed. As more and more people want to do good things for the society and give back to community around them, Walgreen is also vigorous about its Cooperate Social Responsibility. Whether they are offering free flu shoots or contributing to the community development, the company is constantly working to accomplish their mission. To prepare for the greater challenge, Walgreen has taken a huge step by purchasing 45% stake in the alliance Boots, which is a pharmacy led healthy and beauty store across Europe. It is a stepping-stone for Walgreen to be the lead of worldwide pharmacy retail stores. To
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