Business Ethics Has Been Difficult For Me Essay

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Business Ethics has been difficult for me. I have not had any background in business and so learning the vocabulary was definitely a challenge. The course as a whole has many different parts. The lecture and notes as well as the case readings. The case readings tied all of the vocabulary together and helped me to put the information we have learned into a real life scenario. Overall, Business Ethics has been a great way for me to learn about different companies. I also believe this course helped me to look behind the scenes at the layers of business, and overall the course gave me a better knowledge and understanding of business as a whole. I have never taken a business class before, and to be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this particular course. The vocabulary was all very new to me as were a lot of the concepts. I had to really digest each slide on my own and break down a lot of the vocabulary that other students might have known due to a background in business. This class did enhance my knowledge of business and business ethics. I wouldn’t necessarily say the course changed my view on business, as I didn’t really have a view. The course did give me a view on business, that I now have. I think it was important for me to take this course because I will benefit from knowing more about business ethics, and also business in general. One of my favorite parts of the course was reading all the different cases. I found the cases really helped me

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