Business Level Strategy of Samsung

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Business level strategy of Samsung
Samsung Group (Samsung, 2016) is the largest group or the giant in Korea. Samsung Electronics is the biggest subsidiary of it, which initiated in 2011. A Korean consolidated company generates an average income of $ 150 billion every year. Samsung Electronics has 144 consolidated subsidiaries which 28 were recently combined at the end of 2014. Samsung Electronics contains three core divisions:
• Device Solutions, a Business to Business (B2B) division handling semiconductors, various other chips and also Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and other components..
• Digital Media & Communications (DM&C) is primarily a Business to Consumer (B2C) Company making computers, television sets and phones …show more content…

Business level strategies grouped into five unit level strategies as below.
Cost leadership strategy (chron, 2016) make goods or services with attributes which clients can accept at the lowest competitive price compared to competitors with fairly standardized product through taking an integrated collection of activities. This strategy provides the overall-low expense to broad target.
Differentiation strategy (lardbucket, 2016) generate goods or services with unique and also deferent at an appropriate price that hard to copy or suit easily for rivals. In this strategy find methods to distinguish that produce worth for customers. Technique gives broad target with originality item.

Best cost leadership strategy (referenceforbusiness, 2016) provide a more valuable and also high quality product in most affordable cost compared to rivals. In this technique is concentrated even more focus regarding item top quality enhancement than rivals with considering most affordable cost to acquire competitive benefit compared to rivals along with firm needs for environmental changes makes learn new abilities and modern technologies much better than competitors.
Focused cost leadership strategy (quizlet, 2016) make goods or services with attributes which concentrated clients can approve at the low possible rate than rivals with

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