Personal Reflection: External Environmental Analysis Of CIMRWA Ltd Company

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Re: New strategic approach – Personal reflection Background: The indication from market intelligence studies is that the current CIMERWA Ltd company’s strategic objectives will not provide the company with opportunities for sustainable growth especially when considering the anticipated paradigm shift in the market towards 3D building models, flexible concrete and substitution products. External environmental analysis (PESTEL) indicates that globalization and technology will influence speedy development and availability substitution products for cement in an effort to build affordable houses. For internal efficiency, competitiveness within the enterprise was analyzed using the well-established tools like the five forces framework, …show more content…

The vision was developed with the strategic intent to understand the rival’s current strategy, products offering, their market positioning, their objectives, their resources and capabilities, and assumptions industry. The analysis of pillars of the vision: • To be the best cost provider .Train and develop the team’s capabilities and competencies to make them technically prepared to implement the new strategy. • Maximize stakeholder value.This remains our highest objective by following policies that (1) continuously improve our competitive advantage and maintain the market leader through our offerings resulting from our operations effectiveness. (2) Minimize cost and waste while improving the quality of our products, (3) enhance the skills and satisfaction of our employees, and (4) contribute to the development of our community from which we draw our resources and sustenance. • We would like to have the first mover advantage and expand our footprint to regional markets • Innovation development of substitution products and optimization of current products through our R&D facilities while not compromising on

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