Business Model And Strategic Plan

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a new product or service division of an existing business Miracle Spa is a therapy store center on relaxation as an aid in healthy living. Miracle Spa gives a mixture of products, techniques, and tools for customers to follow at home relaxation therapy. These goods combine body and cosmetics services, reflexology, aromatherapy products, candles, and perfumes. The performance of a healthy balance of spirit, mind, and body is Miracle Spa’s focus point. Miracle Spa offers facials, massages, nails, and waxing services at the store. Miracle Spa wants the customers to feel comfortable to decide to buy the items for relaxation, or just come in and have individual therapist provide them…show more content…
Miracle Spa store will establish a niche because the business store has become a tremendous opponent for resorts and stores. Every market will have and present and a variety of Guided imagery, which is a method utilize by several for coping and stress management. These guided models will be ready for clients to use and buy for at home therapy sessions. Miracle Spa’s mission statement is to give the best quality of products and services for at home relaxation therapy. With the diversified collections of tools, products, and methods for the clients to obtain a healthy balance of spirit, mind, and body. Organization Vision: “A vision statement performs the firm’s strategic plan that centers the services and resources of the company on delivering a desirable tomorrow” (Pearce & Robinson; 2010, p38). The vision of Miracle Spa is to produce the best tools, product, and methods available to meet the customer’s desires and demands in a relaxing, comfortable, and discrete environment. The future vision the author has for the company is a vision that workers will be please, it will become managed by the business helping and contributing back to the public. By doing all the above Miracle Spa values. It will benefit the company to make what pronounce in the vision and
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