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India is arguably the most interesting country in the world. A symphonic melee of cultures, cuisines, and climates make it a destination of many destinations with countless experiences to discover. One of its many must have experiences is a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. An ideal base to see all the treasures that Agra has to offer is the ITC Mughal Agra, a five star palace created as a royal respite for the area’s travelers.
India has so many places to see and experiences to have from visiting the big cities of Delhi and Mumbai to the coastal beaches, the mountains and jungles. Most first time travelers to India will choose to visit the golden triangle which is Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi which gives a good taste of what this incredible country has to offer.
Agra is India’s most prized tourism attraction and was once home to the mighty …show more content…

Beyond the facilities, the spa has some of the top staff from around the world and an extensive menu of treatments from beauty, to massages, to the ancient Indian healing practices, Ayurveda.

One thing that will amaze anyone traveling to India is the food and hotels must cater to the finicky palates of India’s locals as well as international guests. The ITC Mughal Agra offer several dining options and all are fantastic. Expect a wide variety of dishes and the most popular recipes from around India. It’s heaven on earth of vegetarians as many of the dishes don’t have any meat, especially beef which is illegal to serve in India.

One must have experience is at the Perswarga which serves northern Indian cuisine which is more like Afghanistan food and not as spicy or with much curry. The style of cooking on a high fire oven grilled meat and seafood and awesome Indian breads. The restaurant is colorful and exciting with an open kitchen and northern Indian décor to set the tone for the

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