Business Research Design

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Topics to be covered
Business Research Design : Exploratory, Descriptive & Causal Research
Exploratory Research: Meaning, suitability, collection, hypothesis formulation
Descriptive Research: Meaning, Types of Descriptive studies, data collection methods
Causal Research: Meaning, various types of experimental designs, types of errors affecting research design

Business Research Design - A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research project. It details the procedures necessary for obtaining the information needed to structure and/or solve marketing research problems. A research design lays the foundation for conducting the project. A good research design will ensure …show more content…

The discussion is coordinated by a moderator. The group usually is of 8-12 persons. While selecting these persons, care has to be taken to see that they should have a common background and have similar experiences in buying. This is required because there should not be a conflict among the group members on the common issues that are being discussed.
Secondary Data Analysis – Secondary data refers to literature, published or unpublished, available as a result of studies made by others for their own purposes. A researcher may review the literature with the purpose of framing a hypothesis, or he may review hypothesis already developed for further study by others to see their applicability. The sources of data can be bibliographies available on the topic, journals, magazines, newspapers, reports and books, special catalogues, subject guides, online on the internet, digital libraries, e-databases maintained by the organization, guides, directories, indexes, Statistical data, Census data and other government publications.
Case- Study Analysis – Analysing a selected case sometimes gives an insight into the problem which is being researched. Case histories of companies which have undergone a similar situation may be available. These case are well suited to carry out exploratory research.
For Example: Case Study on Mumbai Dabbawalas gives an insight into the problem of Supply Chain. A

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