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As Seth’s parents have asked me for advice about enrolling their son in the Busy Learners Day Care Center, I read to them the Busy Learners Day Care Center brochure and do agree that a 2 years old is very capable of learning Spanish, their ABC’s and sight words through repetition, but the best way for a 2 years old to learn is through play. Children at this age are just learning in which “Through pictures, videos, narratives, and displays or documentation panels, teachers can articulate the specific learning in block building or in a rich episode of dramatic play.” (Gestwicki, 2014, p. 60) but at this young age, pen to paper is not going to enrich a child’s learning. Children at this age are learning self-esteem along with self-control. Putting a child under stress because of “inappropriate demands are made on them through formal instruction.” (Gestwicki, 2014, p. 21) can hinder their learning ability at this young age. Whereas DAP includes…show more content…
Consider their son’s age and what it is they see happening in both schools that are age appropriate for a 2-year-old. As they sit and observe they need to remember “First and foremost, teachers can make clear and tangible the real learning in play, making children’s growth in thinking and learning visible.” (Gestwicki, 2014, p. 60) thus leading them to choose an appropriate school for their child’s needs. A few questions they need to consider is are the children engaged with the teachers? Is the classroom showing different styles of play with the children such as solitary, parallel, cooperative, with objects, constructive, outside play, and make believe along with their teacher? Is there that interaction with the teacher where the children are being children and learning versus sitting at a table all day and not interacting with one another as a toddler should do at this young
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