Busy Parents : The Real Cause Childhood Obesity

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In the article “Busy Parents: The Real Cause of Childhood Obesity,” the author points out the fact the as childhood obesity has tripled over the past thirty years we continue to blame the packaged food industry or what is called a sedentary lifestyle; a lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. Author, Suzanne Venker states that those points do matter but it wouldn’t matter as much if parents were home to have a certain control on their children’s lives. The author came to the conclusion that once more and more mothers began to leave home and enter the workforce it took a big impact on the children’s eating habits. Even the first lady, Michelle Obama admits to this conclusion as she evolves her “Let’s Move Campaign.” In the next article “Childhood Obesity: Do Parents Have the Right to Point Finger?” author, Isabella Gonzalez focusing on the view that obesity can be simply caused by the influence on the people who are around them the most; the parents and also simply depression, loss of elf-esteem, and anxiety. With these points it shows that this epidemic can not only be caused by what the community meaning the lack of physical education within the school systems or even how much cheaper fast food is. This author goes on explaining hw fast food companies have nutrition labeling and the point where an individual is out of hand is when ne intakes too much of it. “These companies do not have a knife to our throats forcing us to eat their food, it is up to the consumer”

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