Childhood Obesity Is The Fault Of Parents

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In 2014, two parents were arrested because their son was obese. The boy weighed 210 pounds; however, his parents did not consider his weight to be a problem. They did not think that being obese was a big deal. Like this case, these days, the rate of childhood obesity is increasing greatly, and childhood obesity is becoming a serious issue for children. Childhood obesity has many poor aspects for children. For instance, it is unhealthy for children’s bodies, and it also negatively influences their future bodies. Also, it causes bullying at school because of childhood obesity and truancy that are related to mental issues. Scholars assert that childhood obesity is the fault of parents; however, some scientists claims that it is due to genetics or diseases, such as an internal predisposition and hypothalamic disease. Despite these claims, the evidences shows that childhood obesity is a result of a lack of parental care, and parents should be held accountable on childhood obesity. One of the reasons for childhood obesity is children’s eating habits. Obesity is caused by consuming excess calories. A reason for obesity is drinking juice, not tea or water when children are thirsty. Juice has sugar, so the sugar is a cause of obesity. Even milk which has good components, can be a contributing factor in obesity. Milk is healthy due to its high quality of protein and calcium, but it will be too much protein and calcium for their bodies if children drink too much milk instead of
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