Button Buto : A Short Story

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Button Button “Norma?Someone help me!Norma wake up!” please” pleaded Arthur. “Arthur, quiet down!” Scoffed Norma’s sister Betty. Norm- She’s waking up! She’s waking up!”Arthur says ecstatically. Arthur gently picks Norma’s head up and lays it on his lap. Sweetie,I was so worried about you.” “Arthur? Arthur sweetie? Thank goodness! How are you alive?? Said Norma with pure disbelief. But, but you got in, in the train crash.” said Norma confused “Norma? Are you okay? Arthur said, watching Norma wince in pain “Its just my head. I’m hearing voices in my head. Faint ones. I can't understand what they’re saying. “Norma said completely dazed. “You are going to be okay.” spoke Arthur optimistic Norma’s eyes hazed over and now Arthur’s voice was the one she couldn’t quite make out; her eyelids felt heavy. The voice in her head was becoming clearer by the minute. Norma thought to herself: “ Hmm why does this voice sound so familiar?” Right! it sounded just like Betty’s voice. “But why though?” Norma pondered. As the minutes ticked by, the voice became very clear. She used all the energy and then some to open her eyes again. “Norma? Oh my god look at her color! Come on we need to get you to the hospital right away!” said her sister Betty. Then, another voice started speaking. Norma’s vision was still a bit hazy, and could barely make out the blurry faces hovering over her. The only reason Norma opened her eyes,

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