By Thomas Chatterton Williams 's Poem, As Black

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In his essay, “As Black as We Wish to be,” author Thomas Chatterton Williams tries to paint a picture of a world where the sight of interracial families was still considered an oddity and shows how, over the decades, society has slowly became more acceptable towards the idea. He begins the essay briefly discussing the ignorance of people during the late 1980’s while also elaborating what hardships African Americans have dealt with over the past century. He explains that even with the progression of interracial families and equality of African Americans, a new problem has now risen for interracial children of the future. While either being multiracial, African American, or White, what do they decide to identify themselves as? This is the major question that arises throughout Williams’s argument. While Williams’s supports his argument with unreliable environmental evidence, as well with other statistical evidence. His argument is weakened by an abundance of facts, disorganization, and an excessive use of diluted information.
Williams introduces his argument by briefly explaining the ignorance he has dealt with while growing up as an interracial child. Even though he grew up in a time period of unequal rights, he acknowledges in his argument that nowadays “Some of 35 percent of Americans say that a member of their immediate family or a close relative is currently married to someone of a different race.”(Par 3). While this argument is completely hearsay and very broad, it does…
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