Barack Obama 's Presidential Run

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I recently stumbled upon a short video published by The New York Times in 2008 during the pinnacle of Barack Obama’s presidential run. This video, entitles Being Multiracial in America, featured a group of young, mixed-race College students elated that the United States would potentially elect a man that grew up in a blended culture comparable to their own. There was this conspicuous desire shared among these students to live in a society understanding of the intricacies of one’s racial identity. None of these students wished to identify themselves as only one of their races. They wanted to eliminate this illusion of racial choice. To these young people, one person shouldn’t choose what sole race they are because they exist within this category of “both”. The complexity of their own genetic makeup was something they felt would be eradicated by aligning themselves with only a percentage of themselves. Seeing a man run for president who made it known to the country that his mother was White and his father was Black overjoyed these individuals. There was an astounding sense of hope that Barack Obama provided for this group. Their prospect was that once the people of this nation understood that mixed-raced individuals can acknowledge themselves as such, we would be on our way to eradicating this intense racial divide, leading to so much violence and anger, that exists within our country. Eight years later, this country is now at the brink of saying farewell to Obama.
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