Who Is Justinian Recreate The Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire, or the eastern Roman Empire, was formed in the year 330 after Roman Emperor Constantine I moved the seat of the Roman government to the city of Constantinople. It was designated a second Rome, and had the advantage of being located on an Asian-Eurpoean trade route and on the Bosporus Strait, which made it incredibly hard to sack or besiege, since water surrounded half of the city. Constantinople was also free from any corruption and political assassination, which made governing easier to do and to manage as well. When the western Roman Empire collapsed in the year 476, the eastern half remained intact, and it remained relatively stable until Emperor Justinian came to power. Emperor Justinian was Emperor of the Byzantine Empire in the mid sixth century, from 527 to 565, and headed his empire’s notable renovatio imperii, or “restoration of the Empire” during that time. Justinian devoted his reign to reclaim the lost western half of the Roman Empire, and recreate it through military conquest and social reform. The military conquest was to expand the Byzantine Empire so it reached the farthest extent of the Roman Empire, which was around the early second century, while the social reform was to recreate the Roman law that once applied during the height of the Roman Empire. So, these questions must be posed: How did Emperor Justinian attempt to reform and recreate the Roman Empire, and what did he do to restore it? Were his legislative and social reforms

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