Byzantium Quotes

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The novel Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead is a story about many things; it is a tale of adventure and battle but also the story of one barbarian named Gunnar. In part one of Byzantium he is ruthless, capturing and looting, participating in fights, raids and slavery. But as the book goes on Gunnar begins to convert the more he sees what Aidan’s, the main character, religion is like.

In part one of the book Aidan’s ship of monks is attacked by a group of vicious Dutch pirates called Sea Wolves. But they all get caught in a storm, and Aiden wakes up on the beach. He sees a seawolf on the beach and saves him, the seawolf wakes up after Aiden tries to take his knife away but they see each other and seem to have a mutual agreement to just sit. Aiden and the Sea Wolf are not alone for long, the group of monks having seen one of their friends down the beach and abandoning Aiden earlier. But when the priests do come back they scold Aiden for saving the barbarian, saying things like “Leave it to Aiden to save a Sea Wolf…”. And then the monks decide to take the barbarian prisoner, which doesn't end well for them. At this point in the story when religion, represented by the group monks is not present the barbarian and Aiden are peaceful. But as soon as the priests show back up they decide to take the barbarian prisoner. This is a good representation of why the barbarian would later have a bad attitude towards Aiden’s religion. After this the group comes across a village,
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