CMU Application Research Paper

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As a student at CMU, I believe this is the ideal environment for me to achieve my dreams. I believe I do not have the typical aspirations of others, I just have one goal that may seem simple yet also slightly daunting: to be happy. I believe by obtaining a degree in something I am passionate about would help me achieve this lifelong goal. I don’t believe that one day I will randomly wake up and feel very passionately about something, but I believe by becoming more involved in something that I have a small interest in, could blossom into a passion. Although I have not declared a major, I have found my happy place at CMU in the lab, which honestly shocked me. It is a way to apply my knowledge learned in lecture to real hands on experience which helps solidify the information. Currently I am an undeclared major, however, I have definitely narrowed my major selection down to a science. College hasn’t just advanced my academics, but it has also helped me gain valuable life experiences. I have learned how to shop on a budget and learn how to manage my time. With these valuable life experiences I believe I will be more ready to enter the real world after I graduate. …show more content…

Let’s face it, dealing with debts is inevitable and it doesn’t fit into the happiness category. Although, receiving this scholarship would impact my career as a student, it would also impact my future by lessening the financial burden carried by college. All in all, I believe obtaining a degree from CMU would help me achieve my dream of living a happy

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