Canisius College Application Research Paper

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Only Canisius College, can offer me the requirements I need; which are both knowledge and rigor. Since the start of my academic career, from grammar school to even now in my final year of high school, my motivation for continuing is my interest in learning. For me, it was the knowledge I had acquired from my classes and the rigor to test both my physical and academic capabilities. Over the years, my experiences have varied on what I would prefer to do for my major in the near future. I have taken college courses during my high school years in Leonardo DaVinci high school such as Psychology and Social Problem, but I found that it was not my cup of tea. Later down the road, I decided that Canisius College seemed to be the place for high academics and achievements! The college offers a modest size classroom, it is also in a local area in the city of Buffalo and has one of my intended majors; which is Computer…show more content…
Occasionally I enjoy working alone from time to time, however, it is a fantastic experience to work with others that share my interests as I believe that it can lead to friendship and prodigious success towards me and the people I work with. In addition to making new friends and colleagues, the resources available at Canisius College will be an excellent asset to me and help support me overcome the potential challenges that would come in the near future. Furthermore, with the skills acquired from the college, I can aid not only myself, but others around me to move forward in technological advances and work for an ever growing future. Not only that, but I am yearning to observe how deep my passion for technology will bring me into learning in the Computer Science Major. No matter how challenging the course may be or how difficult it is to comprehend at first, nothing is impossible and will not stop me from my way of benefiting others around
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