COPD Case Study Essay

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Final Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to address five case studies assigned by the instructor. The case studies include restrictive lung disease, dementia, renal impairment, and osteoporosis, and heart failure. Diagnosis and management of the disease process will be discussed.
Case Study #1 This case studies begins with 65-year-old woman with obstructive lung disease. Differences in presentation of the disease, thorough history taking, and assessment can help ensure correct diagnosis. Pulmonary function testing is the primary test is used to measure airflow obstruction and help in diagnosis of obstructive airway disease (Johns, Walters, & Walters, 2014). Obstructive lung disease is outlined as the ratio of forced expiratory …show more content…

Reasoning behind this diagnosis is the presence of a smoking history is the hallmark risk factors for COPD. Pulmonary function test show a ratio indicating less than 70% post-bronchodilator. Post-bronchodilator improvement would suggest asthma. In this case, her COPD is moderate in nature because the ratio is between 50-79%. Persistent cough is an indicator for COPD, as well as the dyspnea and wheezing in lungs with auscultation that did not clear with bronchodilation (Khachi, Barnes, & Antoniou, 2010). There is no indication for CHF. This patient has COPD. Testing for COPD is needed to exclude other disease process. A chest x-ray can be used to exclude heart failure and other lung problems, such as lung nodules, mass or mass (Mayo Clinic, 2017). CT scan can help determine the presence of emphysema and screening for lung cancer. An ABG gives the clinician ability to see how well the body is oxygenating and compensating to maintain correct acid levels in the body. CBC, BMP, will evaluate for electrolyte and blood count. Lastly, screening for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is used to determine family history of COPD (Mayo Clinic,

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