COPD Discharge Bundle Analysis

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There have been several studies that review why patients with COPD are readmitted to the hospital. In 2015, Shah, Churpek, Perraillon and Konetzka conducted a study which showed that approximately 50% of COPD patients readmitted to the hospital were readmitted for respiratory causes (2015) Figure 1. The other 50% were readmitted for a host of other health problems that fall outside the scope of COPD discharge care bundles. Figure 1 (Shah, Churpek, Perraillon, & Konetzka, 2016, p. 1222) There has, also, been extensive research into individual components of the COPD discharge care bundle and their effects on reducing hospital readmissions. But research into using a COPD discharge bundle is relatively …show more content…

Hopkinson et al (2011) conducted a study where a COPD discharge care bundle was initiated on 94 patients. The hospital saw a large decrease in their 30-day readmission rate. It fell from 16.4% to 10.8% (Hopkinson et al., 2011).
In 2014 (Ko et al., 2014) published a study that showed using components of our bundled care program (COPD education by respiratory nurses, pulmonary rehabilitation, follow up with pulmonary specialist and discharge phone calls) reduced readmission rates from 2.39 episodes to 1.65 episodes at 16 weeks post discharge.
In 2015 a group of English researchers theorized that discharge care bundles would decrease readmissions and reduce variability in outcomes for patients with COPD.
Care bundles have been proposed as an effective approach to improve the quality of patient care. Care bundles are made up of a short series of evidence-based interventions that should be delivered for all patients with a condition, irrespective of ward, or specialty, delivering care. Care bundles have been used in a variety of conditions with effectiveness demonstrated in a range of settings (Laverty et al., 2015, p. …show more content…

Their study demonstrated that using a COPD discharge care bundle has the potential to reduce hospital health services and reduce readmissions (Shorofsky, Lebel, Sedeno, Zhi, & Bourbeau, 2015). In 2013 Nursing Times published a study from England by Mathews H et al (2013) which again shows a decrease in 30-day readmission rates. “Before we started the respiratory nursing care bundle our 30-day readmission rate for COPD was 23.21%. Twelve months it was introduced, 30-day readmissions fell to 17.78%, reflecting a 23.4% in real reduction terms” (Matthews, Tooley, Nicholls, & Lindsey-Halls, 2013, p. 20). The studies that have been done thus far on COPD discharge care bundles looks promising. Each study may have had a variation in some of the minor steps in doing the COPD care bundle, but their COPD discharge care bundles contained the same major

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