Case Of Jaime Caetano V. 577 US

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Jaime Caetano v. Massachusetts 577 U.S. ____ (2016) Facts: Jaime Caetano, resident of Massachusetts, had acquired a stun gun for her own safety. She had recently been in an abusive relationship and restraining orders did nothing to stop him, once they were separated. Police officers found her stun gun. She was then arrested, put on trial and convicted for owning a stun gun, since they are illegal to own in Massachusetts, Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 140, §131J. But Caetano felt that her arrest violated her 2nd amendment rights. Procedural History: Caetano filed the case with the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, after, what she felt to be, her wrongful conviction. Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 140, §131J, makes owning any electrical weapons illegal. …show more content…

Holding: Yes. Stun guns have proven to be a safer method than guns. They have stopped crimes without having to stop a life. …show more content…

Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010) Decision: I am unsure on which court this is referring to, so, for the Trial court, Caetano was found guilty for possessing an illegal weapon, a stun gun. Which she appealed to the Supreme Justice Court of Massachusetts, which was denied because the weapon was not yet invented when the 2nd amendment was put in place. Commonwealth v. Caetano was introduced into the U.S. Supreme court. They then decided that it was in violation of Caetano’s 2nd amendment rights and that the state of Massachusetts should reconsider its laws. Comments: I find it strange that, although other cases show how a stun gun could be beneficial and in most cases the best weapon for defense, it would still be illegal. This is an example to show that all of our laws should be reevaluated. A law that worked for use 50 years ago does not mean they are effective today. Just like the controversy on Medical Marijuana, it has been shown time and time again, to be highly effective, for many reasons for all people, yet the jails are still full of people there for marijuana offenses. This law is no different, she had been carrying this stun gun for who knows how long and just because someone “thought” she might have been an accomplice to

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