Caged Bird Analysis

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The role of voices in text is to give meaning and to highlight the composer’s attitudes and beliefs. Maya Angelou’s politically complex voice in ‘Caged Bird’ explores her belief in the human rights for equality, and the freedom for every individual regardless of race or creed. Paradoxically Bruce Dawe’s satirical and judgmental voice in ‘Enter without so much knocking’ (Knock) conveys his criticisms of society’s shallow meaningless life. ‘Caged Bird’ by Angelou makes the audience reconsider the real conditions of the ‘free bird’ and the ‘caged bird’. This contrast between the birds throughout the poem enables her to explore the issues of freedom and isolation in African American society. Angelou utilises various literary devices and techniques such as repetition, irony and imagery to convey her attitudes and beliefs about the beauty of freedom. Repetition is used when the poem repeats the third stanza at the end of the poem to further emphasis freedom, this reflects the two birds that are different. ‘for the caged bird sings of freedom’ is the last line of stanza three conveying an important message to the readers, that the caged bird wants to be free. This allows the reader to conclude that every individual should be aware and thankful for the freedom in their society. Although less direct in conveying Angelou’s attitudes and beliefs, she adequately utilises irony to enable us to further appreciate freedom. ‘The caged bird sings with a fearful trill’ evokes sympathy for

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