Call Of The Wild

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There are a few reasons why I recommend reading the classic, “The Call Of The Wild” by Jack London. There are very exhilarating action scenes throughout the book. The suspense is well placed and makes you wanting more and more. The story is told through the eyes of a dog, which gives an intriguing perspective to the storyline. These reasons and a few others give this book a lively feel. The author highlights different points in the story with several scenes of action. One part in the story that really stands out to me is when Jack London writes: Close in under the sheltering rock Buck made his nest. So snug and warm was it, that he was loath to leave it when Francois distributed the fish which he had first thawed over the fire. But when Buck finished his ration and returned, he found his nest occupied. A warning snarl told him that the trespasser was Spitz. Till now Buck had avoided trouble with his enemy, but …show more content…

This is when Perrault and Francois discover that the camp is alive with several dozen starving huskies which in turn, breaks up Spitz and Buck’s fight. The team-dogs were driven into a corner by the first rush and each dog was fighting for their life even though they were against odds. Spitz tried to kill Buck by attack him as well but Perrault and Francois stepped in and distracted the wolves long enough for Buck to throw him off. Soon a break appeared and the team-dogs ran for their lives and eventually escaped. In “The Call of The Wild,” the author uses suspense as the divider between scenes of action. One example is “He [Spitz the dog] even went out of his way to bully Buck, striving constantly to start the fight which could end only in the death of one or the other.” They travelled four-hundred and fifty miles and had numerous close calls the entire time. To the reader, the text gives hints that the fight is starting, which gets their hopes up only to be smothered like a candle being put

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