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Are there consequences for my actions, or is everything I do relatively insignificant in relation to my beliefs in a higher entity (God) having the power to grant me the grace to save me from my sins so I can join Him in eternal salvation? While many religious sects that formed after the Reformation, notably Lutherans and Calvinists, would argue that we are saved by faith alone and could cite the writings of Saint Paul to support their arguments, I would argue that faith alone is a starting point that provides the basis to lead us towards doing good works, and through these good works we deepen our relationship with God and thereby help bring us closer to attaining eternal salvation. Before discussing the importance of works in attaining …show more content…

The Calvinists would claim that there are some who are predestined for salvation, and once they have attained salvation there is no way they can lose it; while there is no way for those practicing Calvinism to know whether or not they have attained the grace of God that will bring them to eternal salvation, there is still the deterministic attitude that no matter how much good one can do on this earth, it has no bearing on whether or not they will make their way into God’s kingdom of new creation. Would a just God want us to be content for all of our lives, thinking that their actions have no consequences and thereby resulting in apathy towards growing to love God through developing relationships with Him and fellow man? I would argue no, He would not want that, especially with all He has done for us so that we may grow closer to him; God has made Himself vulnerable by giving us free will and accepting our that our imperfect condition will lead us down the path of sin, which will hurt him, and then by sacrificing himself on the cross for these sins we will commit against Him so that we may be resurrected as he

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