Camp Agape Research Paper

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My fifth grade field trip was very exciting. We went to Camp Agape in Fuquay Varina. Camp Agape is an environmental education site. Upon going on my trip I woke up very early to get ready for school. My mom dropped me off and I had a lot of things to carry on the trip. When the bell rang I went straight to my class. Upon arriving in class my teacher directed me to take my bags to the front of the building. On my way to drop my bags off I ran into my friend Déjà. She began to walk with me to carry our bags. After dropping off our bags we ran into some more of our friends. We all headed back to class and my teacher started to call the roll. After then we all lined up to get on the bus. On the bus I sat in the front with one of my friends, we wanted sit in the front so we could get off the bus first. The drive was very long because the bus driver went the wrong way. When we finally arrived to our destination the rooms where very nice they were connected to each other. We unpacked our clothes and put on rain boots because we were getting ready to go in the woods. Our teachers split us …show more content…

We all headed down to the other building to eat dinner. The food was delicious. When dinner was over we went outside to play basketball, chased our classmates and some of us just talked to our friends. We played so hard that we could barely make it to our room. We all then took a shower and watched the Sponge Bob movie. The movie was very boring. I sat there on my phone and ate candy. They were over so then the boys went up stairs and girl was down stairs. It was not fair because the boys was up stairs playing hide and seek they were so loud so I couldn’t sleep. My friends began to scream “there’s a bug under the bed”. I got up to see what it was. It was a little spider not bigger than a penny. My teacher picked it up with a tissue and put it in the trash. I went back to bed and fell

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