Camp Cody Research Paper

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Every year in July, Troop 1, the oldest Boy Scout troop west of the Mississippi, gathers to transform Cody Lake into a legendary Boy Scout camp known as Camp Cody. In one week Camp Cody will be set up, hosting one hundred scouts, only to be taken down again the week after. The view of the lake and trees is strikingly beautiful and captivating, especially at sunset. The path that is taken into Cody doesn't just run through camp, but also around and above it, connecting you to every corner of Cody Lake. From the trek in from the parking lot, to the ten mile hike south to Cody Meadows, or to Chapel Rock, the beauty of Camp Cody is joined by this well traveled trail. The hike into camp from the parking lot is amazing, and the first glimpse of the lake that …show more content…

With the afternoon sun beating down on the water and the camp in view, I can’t help but catch my breath in awe as I prepare to hike down the rest of the way, absorbing the beauty of this wonderful place. As the steep trail descends along the shoreline, it runs over the Sierra Mountain streams and makes its way towards camp. Running through camp and past the aged Herrington Lodge that serves as our kitchen, the trail then ascends up and through the campsites which reside on a rocky ridge. Overlooking the Lake from above, the view from the campsites becomes quite relaxing, especially as you climb up higher and higher. The highest campsite on the rocky hill is Eagle Rock, and although the hike can be treacherous, the incredible sight of the distant Sierra Mountains makes it worthwhile. While Camp is in session, I often see some people rowing, or sailing gracefully through the water. Because the south end of the lake is surrounded by a tall rocky ridge, Cody Lake often gets wind from the north, where the valley descends just past the edge of the water, overlooking the distant highway. Looking outwards, I can see a distant waterfall as

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