Campus Carry Law In Texas

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August 1 marks the day which the state’s new Campus Carry law was enacted. This law which comply with Senate Bill 11, has authorized a licensed holder to carry concealed handgun at University of Texas at Austin and other public universities in Texas. The implementation of this law have risen controversy between the stakeholders which are the faculty members, students, parents, staffers and alumni. In regard to this, President Fenves has assigned a Campus Carry Working Group to guide the implementation of Senate Bill 11 which complies the law and at the same time ensuring the safety of the campus. The library portal is the first website which I went through to get my sources. The databases I used were LexisNexis and Abscohost. The reasons…show more content…
He first points out three opponents’ evidences. First, McCann agrees with UT president Greg Fenves, who wrote a letter to Chancellor William McRaven, saying that Fenves believed presence of handguns at an institution of higher learning contradicts the mission of education and research, which is based on enquiry, free speech and debate. However, the author understands that Fenves is obligated to uphold the law. Second, the UT community has already taken affect by the law even before it was implemented. This is evident when Dr. Fritz Steiner, UT's longtime architecture dean, left for a job in regard to campus carry. He added that it will be difficult for Texas to keep pace with the market faculty when professors might think twice before accepting the offer to teach here. Thirdly, Economics professor emeritus Daniel Hamermesh is calling it quits, too. He wrote to Fenves, that he perceived there is a risk of a displeased might have brought a gun into his class and shoot him is significantly intensified by the campus-carry…show more content…
He views a few evidences to prove that. First, UT estimates that less than 1% of students have Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This is because only person whose age is 21 and above is eligible to get a CHL. Second, reports by 17 research universities in campus carry states prove that there is not much of direct effects on student life or academic affairs by campus carry. Third, 18,536 homicides in Texas between 2001 and 2013, only five occurred on or near college campuses is noted by New York University professor Jonathan Zimmerman. According to Zimmerman, “Guns do cause mayhem in America — just not on Texas campuses, where both sides have imagined a problem that simply does not
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