Gun Control In Texas Essay

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Texas has always been a very conservative state that focuses on protecting the freedoms given by the constitution to the people. However, there are some freedoms that have certainly been challenged as time passes by. This is where the limited government of Texas usually has conflicts with the constantly growing federal government, especially during the last decades when some big problems and controversies erupted, particularly on the issues of mass shootings and gun control. When it comes to gun control laws, opinions are unequivocally divided between republicans and democrats. Republicans venerate and sharply defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution as right of the people to defend themselves, while Democrats yell desperately for gun restriction laws and even a change to the Second Amendment, these with the purpose of getting guns out of the streets and preventing other mass shootings. The difference on perspectives has been a major issue especially after President Obama’s constant effort to pass more gun control laws. In contrast, the presumably and deeply Republican state of Texas, which has very few restrictions on guns, has just passed a law that makes concealed carrying on college campuses legal. Such law has been a controversy and had divided reactions from Texans all around the state. The problem that is tried to solve with this bill is to prevent more mass shootings from happening in the facilities of higher education institutions. It is very important to

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