Can India exceed China in economy after 20 years?

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International Relations and Organizations JOUR 121 Student Name: Huang Cheng Kun, Katherine Student Number: 107002 Date: 2013-5-28 Can India exceed China in economy after 20 years? 1 Contents Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------- P3-P4 1. Chinese and Indian Existing Economies ---------------------------- P4- P6 2. How Big is the Gap between Chinese and Indian Economy? ---- P6-P8 3. How other domestic factors effect on Chinese and Indian economy in the next 20 years? ---------------------------------------------------------- P9-14 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------ P15 Reference …show more content…

4 Chinese and Indian Economic Data in 20122 CHINA INDIA GDP $8,260.000 trillion $1,947,000 trillion GDP Growth 7.8% 6.5% Capita GDP $9,100 $3,900 Labor Force $795.4 million $498.4 million Inflation Rate 3.1% 9.2% Although a socialist country, China began its liberalization, gained exposure to the global market and began receiving Foreign Direct Investments since the mid-1980s while India’s liberalization policies were frozen only in 1990s. Unlike India, China’s investments in manpower and labor development, water management, high quality health care facilities and services, communication and civic amenities has helped China create a positive impact on its economy. The Chinese capital market lags behind the India capital market in terms of predictability and transparency. Owing to the quality of listed companies and India’s stock markets adhering to the international guidelines, the Indian stock markets establish financial transparency and are more stable. As on date, China lags far behind in the business forefront owing to its lack of management reform and its inability to increase mergers and acquisitions with several organizations across the world. On

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