Canada Magazine Case Study

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We have learned through the reading that Canada has been doing efforts as far back as 1920s to protect its national magazine industry through imposed protective tariff or prohibition the importation of some runs. This protections can make sense if we consider that in 1970 a committee concluded that "magazines constitute the only national press we possess in Canada. Magazines, in a different way from any other medium, can help foster in Canadians a sense of themselves." (Culture and Globalization, p17).

You can argue that protecting Canadian Magazine industry is an act of cultural protectionism, but there are some who might have a different opinion. I think that Culture was thought of at some extend but that there were more financial …show more content…

Specially when we throw into the mix what the people want. What better poll to know what citizens wants that by their consumer behavior. If 88% of the people consumes foreign content 88% of the people wants foreign content in their magazines. In my opinion that is enough information for a government to take into consideration (Haven't seen a turn out that big in an election in ages).

Now, if we consider how the government try to protect culture by protecting the Canadian magazine industry we can reveal some interesting aspect of the discussion. Usually the go to measure by governments to affect some goods consumption is increase taxes and depending on the good it sometimes does not even work (Cigarette consumption withe 150% tax rate in Chile keeps increasing) and its fairness is into question. Why people has to be forced to pay more for something foreign? How that money is used? Is it used to help protect the culture? Those are really interesting questions to answer, specially if there is a quality difference among the options.

When we discuss a product such as a magazines, in a globalized and technological world like ours, the increase on some takes might produce no effect or even unexpected ones. I'm of the believe that instead of turning to national magazines people would most likely turn into digital versions of the same magazines.

Finally if we take into our discussion the distinction made to weather protect or not a

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