Canada and Mexico: Cases of Security Threats

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Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Dear Sir:
This is an eventful time of the month for our government, with our Olympic champions’ competing in the Sochi Olympics 2014. Despite that, several incidents have happened on February 10th that require attention.
1. An uprising of cyber threats for Canadians.
2. Canadian couple slain in Mexico, Sunday February 9th.
3. Ottawa’s Mexican visa policy hurting business.
4. Donor Fatigue arising as Syria’s war drags on.
1. An audit by Russ Jones’ office claimed 56% of government web applications viewed are not sufficiently protected. Mr Jones gave four recommendations to ensure government cyber security vulnerabilities are overseen (“B.C audit-general warns of cyber threats” 2014). Further, a new strain of computer malware has compromised roughly 700 credit cards in Canada. The viral code JackPOS has infected point-of-sales terminals identical to that which happened to the victims of Target and White Lodging hotel. 400 cards in Vancouver and 280 cards from Longueil were breached through remote access by hackers (“Hundreds of Canadian credit cards hacked by infected terminals, firm warns” 2014). Further, the Moscow-based Kaspersky lab along with Apple and other firms have shut down some of the cyber spying websites. This operation is subbed “The Mask” and has discovered that more countries are adopting the method of Internet spying (“Researcher

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