Impact Of Legislation On Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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Impact of Legislation on Vanderbilt University Medical Center Ebony S. Spann Security Policy Analysis (CSIA 412) March 29, 2015 Abstract With the Age of technology advancing, the more cyber-attacks are occurring. Many of our information are on computer networks and we like to think that our information is well protect. But how protected is our information? Cybersecurity bills are introduced in Congress almost every year. These bills regularly imply to permit organizations and the government to divulge dangerous information for a “cybersecurity” reason to secure and safeguard against attacks against networks and computer systems. Keywords: Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, policies Introduction Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is a nonprofit institution that is located in Nashville, Tennessee. VUMC is a meticulous health facility that is committed to patient care, research and biomedical education. Its notoriety for brilliance in each areas has made VUMC a noteworthy patient referral facility for the Mid-South and a leader among the national academic medical centers. VUMC is well known for their vivid medical science as well as the dedication that the faculty and staff have with “treating patients with dignity and compassion” (About VUMC, 2015). VUMC mission is to propel wellbeing and health through overwhelming projects in patient care, training and exploration. But VUMC also have to be able to protect all patients, faculty and

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