Canadian Fur Trade During The Canadian Economy

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The Canadian fur trade played a key role in the development of Canada as a country in many ways, largely because of the growing need for furs by women overseas. The fur trade acted as the early foundation of the Canadian economy. The trade increased international trade and consequence acted as a driver of extending the exploration of the vast Canadian wilderness - much further than would otherwise have occurred. Concurrently, one of the more important outcomes of the fur trade was that it acted as the catalyst increasing the relationship between the European and First Nations People.
Often overlooked in Canadian history, for their role in the fur trade, are the First Nation women, who were key contributors to the expansion and success of fur trading. Many of the European fur traders upon arriving on Canadian soil ended up having sexual relationships with First Nation women; often leading to marriage. While such marriages were to be expected in remote locations there were additional incentives for the men since the marriage to First Nation women brought many other benefits to the fur traders: for example, women possessed a skill set and knowledge of the land which was unknown to the traders; the woman could act as a mediator and translator between the fur traders and the First Nations tribes; and in many cases the marriages enabled the expansion of their trading territories through new First Nations partners.
In a more fulsome analysis, these marriages had an immense economic
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