Canadian Magazine Disputes Case Study

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The Canadian Magazine Dispute. 1. To what extent do you think the US Canadian dispute was motivated by a genuine desire to protect Canadian culture? In my view the dispute had nothing to do with a genuine desire to protect the Canadian culture. My reason for this opinion is premised on the basis that the onus to protect a people’s culture rests upon the citizens of a country. People should be the sole custodians of their culture. It is not the duty of the government to legislate laws that purportedly are meant to protect culture. The Canadian people have a right to choose what aspects of their culture they should maintain and what it is from other cultures that they should embrace. I believe that this is the height of any democracy, where people …show more content…

The consumer has a right to choose a magazine or any form of media of their choice. Those in the industry should be able to compete for space on the international fora. I view it as unethical business practice where the Magazine industry would try to arm twist the government to legislate certain laws for its own selfish ends. This infringes on the rights of the Canadian people as their freedom to choose is violated. 3. Given that only 11% magazine sales in Canada, how important is this matter to Canadian culture? This figure is clear testimony of how lightly the Canadian Magazines is taken by its own Citizens. This shows the choice the people are making. Judging by the percentage of the magazine sales, there is no doubt that the people of Canada do not themselves believe that this part of the Canadian culture needs to be vigorously defended. I see a similar situation in Zimbabwe where the government wants to protect the state media under the guise of protecting our national heritage. However the majority of the people do not share these views as they believe that the government motives are …show more content…

The government here is overstepping its responsibilities towards its citizens and its actions are in violation of the rights of the people of Canada. 5. Is it fair to levy extra taxes against foreign magazines, which have the effect of forcing Canadian purchasers of magazines to subsidise local publications. The levy by the Canadian government against foreign magazines is a desperate attempt to force people to buy local publications which they have shown a disdain for. While it is the duty of the Canadian government to protect local publications, whose interests is the government serving here? Is it in the interest of the Canadian people or the Canadian media barons who own these magazines? The latter seem to be true in this case. I believe that taxes are punitive to the purchasers of American magazines for their choice. People have a choice to choose magazines that meet their needs and that right should be respected by the Canadian authorities. 6. If you were the Canadian government trying to protect the domestic magazine market, what kind of criteria would you establish to distinguish between a split-run and a domestic

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