Candide Analysis

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Eldorado in “Candide” by Voltaire is a place that embodies a perfect world. It is a place that doesn’t have any religion or crime and has all the riches anyone could ask for. Everyone is kind and equal. Such a place seems so perfect that the logical next step would be to stay and live there. However, to Candide, Eldorado isn’t such a perfect place. Candide decides to leave, taking along with him a lot of the riches found in Eldorado. Candide’s decision to leave goes far beyond his desire to reunite with the love of his life, Cunegonde. Though Candide really wanted to get back to Cunegonde, human nature also played an essential role in his decision.
Throughout most of the book, money has been a big issue for Candide, especially once he had to start taking care of himself when he got kicked out of the castle. Once he reached Eldorado, that problem disappeared. He was finally in a land where money wasn’t a factor. He was surrounded by jewels that are worth a lot of money outside of Eldorado. Being that he has struggled with money for so long, leaving Eldorado with money would benefit him greatly. Not only that, he’d also be able to free Cunegonde. When talking to Cacambo, Candide says “...if we return to our world, even with only twelve sheep loaded with stones from Eldorado...we’ll easily be able to rescue Miss Cunegonde” (Davis 307). In order to free Cunegonde, Candide needs money to pay Don Fernando of Buenos Aires. He knows he needs some sort of leverage to be able to

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