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Candide Candide, written by Voltaire during the 18th century is a celebrated novel known for it's strong criticism of the Middle Ages and Enlightenment expressed by Voltaire. During the transformation from the Middle Ages to The Enlightenment, social, religious and political ideas were rejected and emphasis was placed on rationalism. Three examples of this notion that are expressed in Candide are as follows. Social conduct that was normally practiced during the 18th century was thrown out of the window during the Enlightenment. Enlightenment thinkers were famous for piercing criticism. Civilians were steadily gaining the newfound knowledge presented by various prodigies during this century. Most people were beginning to think for…show more content…
This was also expressed by Voltaire through a character of Candide. In the book, when Martin tells the story of his life, he refers to two religious ideologies. The Surinamese and the Socinians. He states that the Surinamese clergy persecuted him because they thought he was a Socinian. The Socinians were a Christian sect formed during the Reformation. They rejected the divinity of Christ, the trinity, and original sin. Many people of this era were beginning to do the same thing. At one point, almost everyone practiced the Catholic religion. All things changed though, communities were beginning to allude to new religions thus shunning the Catholic religion. Some even declared that they did not believe in God at all. One of these newfound religions, which Martin claims to be, is Manichaeism. These followers believe in the basis of good and evil rather than all good and the all-mighty God. This way of thinking shocked other people of the communities, but little did they know that it would be something expanded upon and fought for in the centuries to come. Politics, during the 18th century, were not what someone of our modern day would think they were. The nobles ran all cities, created and controlled all laws. Those who were in such positions to make these decisions believed to have been lucky enough to be born into wealth and dignity. This

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