Canine Wars Research Paper

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It is hard to pinpoint exactly when we lost our humanity. Perhaps it was during the Canine Wars or even long before that. The roads were paved thin with an eerie feeling of death, haunting every living corner of our hopeless future. The year of near-extinction, six decades ago, destroyed almost all of mankind. Unwelcome, the epidemic flooded through streets and entered homes, killing without remorse—a pure destructive force of nature that no human being could have prevented. Three billion lives were lost. After almost three years of chaos and destruction, mankind found a key to ensure its continuation. Domestic cats were discovered to have been the carriers of the disease. Survival came at a horrific cost as felines were hunted down in the name of saving the human …show more content…

The world was split into six regional powers, connected by the World Health Council (WHC). In theory the WHC would help rebuild the broken world. Its strong military presence gave mankind another chance. After twelve years of rebuilding, known as the Second Reconstruction Era, canines were discovered to have a new strain of Felcatusdi-1 virus, strain Felcatusdi-2, later nicknamed the Canine Virus. The world could not survive another epidemic. The regional leaders, along with the WHC, conceived the Canine Doctrine, which stated that all canines were to be handed over to the regional governments for quarantine or termination to be sure the Canine Virus would not spread. This doctrine caused major conflicts that left thousands dead; two wars were fought over the issue. Following six years of carnage, the WHC military won over the masses of unorganized canine supporters. The resistance was eradicated but the roots of rebellion were still left unearthed. The world was divided after the First Canine War. One of the six regions refused to follow the doctrine, and the WHC deemed that region

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