Cannabis: Keeps the Mind Balanced

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Drugs in America

Cannabis- Keeps the Mind Balanced Marijuana also known Cannabis is the most common recreational drug of choice in modern day society. Although marijuana is currently one of the most controversial drugs, it is statistically the safest of any drug in the United States and around the world yet it is still illegal. Aside the recreational use of marijuana; it can be used as a pain reliever and a relaxant. Marijuana is extremely beneficial to cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, and multi sclerosis patients in which it offers a strong sense of relief. I believe that marijuana is therapeutic drug that can be used recreational and medicinal. Although marijuana offers many benefits, there are still many issues that surround the use of the drug. The constant battle over legalizing marijuana stems from its classification as a Schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are extremely high risk for latent substance abuse.
I have various standpoints on the recreational use of marijuana in which if it’s used to relief individuals stress level then why oppose the use. I am firm believer marijuana smokers use the drug to block out traumatizing past experiences. Anything that can help comfort a mother suffering from glaucoma should unquestionably be supported. Marijuana can be used for spiritual purposes in which it can help one meditate at ease. It creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere to think freely which puts the mind at ease. The medicinal use of marijuana is a prime example on why

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