Cap And Trade Pros And Cons

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There are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to any system in regards to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. If there is a legislation that seems like environmentally would be best, most likely it comes with a cost that sometimes may seem unsustainable. Just the same, there are advantages and disadvantages to the cap-and-trade system. As Steve Richey writes in his ‘Pros and Cons of Cap and Trade’ article. The major draw toward this program is its efficiency. Companies are able to reduce their emissions at a low cost, and sell emissions credits to companies who cannot. A certain number of credits are made available to purchase. This allows the option for environmentalist to purchase the credits and retire them, therefore decreasing the harmful effects of climate change. The disadvantages to the cap-and-trade system are that larger companies drawn to use coal, oil and gas have less of an incentive to switch to using …show more content…

fee-and-dividend, I would support the fee-and-dividend system to address the greenhouse emissions in the United States. The reason I would support this program is because in my opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and have a greater impact long term for reducing the use of fossil fuels and switching to renewable resources.
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