Capital Punishment Is A Penalty For All Crimes

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Capital punishment has been occurring since the earliest of the ages and has been performed numerous times around the globe by all differently opinionated people. Last year only, 256 citizens have been executed by the hand of law and only more to be uncovered. Capital punishment was part of culture in Babylon where it coded the penalty for exactly twenty-five crimes, Athens where death was suitable for all crimes, and Rome. Since the olden ages, humans are still holding crimes against other people applicable by death. But now, as humanity grows and our minds expand to new ideas and thinking, we have come to the conclusion: As humans, do we really have the right to take away another soul’s life and living? So, as capital punishment makes its runs across the world, you must decide that it, in its full proximity, capital punishment incites humanity and the goodness of the soul.

Humans are interesting beings, with their complex control system and biased beliefs. They put their effort into supporting their views. Capital punishment is a penalty for offenses that society believes honors human dignity and morality by giving the offender choices of yin or yang. On the other hand, many believe that the act of executing a soul with rights and value is a test against humanity and their perspectives. Capital punishment tests the perseverance of humanity and its morals, constitutionality, and promotes the act of retribution, therefore, in conclusion, the government should not have a…
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