Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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Capital Punishment In 1492, when the Europeans came to the new world, they brought the practice of capital punishment with them ("Part 1:"). The official definition of capital punishment is "the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime"(Oxford). Throughout the years, the death penalty has evolved and has been present in most legal systems around the world. Though, as capital punishment has evolved, so has humans ' sense of what 's right and what 's wrong. These days, many people question the morality of exercising the death penalty. Over half of the country still supports the death penalty, but this is "a drop of 22 percentage points from peak support in 1996"(Kiener). This statistic shows that Americans are beginning to turn from the barbaric laws that are defined as capital punishment. Personally, I believe that the use of capital punishment should be eradicated completely from this world because it is unethical, expensive, not 100 percent accurate, and does not effectively punish the criminal. The use of capital punishment is more expensive than keeping the criminal in jail for the rest of his life. Due to all of the legalities involved with officially murdering somebody, it tends to cost between two and five times more than a life sentence in jail (Messerli). According to Professor Philip J. Cook of Duke University statistics showed that the state of North Carolina could save an annual 11 million dollars by abolishing the death penalty(Kiener).

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