Essay on Capital Punishment Should Remain Legal

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I am going to argue that capital punishment is a morally and logically justifiable punishment for criminals. I will demonstrate this by showing how the logic behind not having the death penalty is invalid. I will also present examples that will defend my argument. I will then present counterarguments and their implications. The death penalty in the United States is a contested subject, and even recently it has been voted to be unconstitutional by some states. Currently there are many states that still have the death penalty, though many have not executed anyone in recent years. Outside of the United States the issue is also split, with many countries recently eliminating the death penalty. Crimes that usually receive the death …show more content…

You are given this right to live if you follow society’s rules and standards, and when you forsake them and go against its strongest values, you are in essence giving up your right. This conclusion invalidates the opposition’s logical argument that the criminals still have a right to life.
Opponents of the death penalty have also proposed that by showing that we as a society find it reasonable to kill sometimes with capital punishment, that it shows criminals that it is acceptable to kill under certain circumstances. While the logic behind this argument may seem sound it is flawed. This is mainly because of the fact that though capital punishment is used, it is placed under very strict guidelines. It is clearly visible to notice the difference in what the law defines as acceptable and not acceptable reasons to kill somebody. It is a logical fallacy to agree with this argument, just because capital punishment kills people and capital punishment is accepted does not mean that a person killing people will be accepted.
Imagine a situation where the police have apprehended a mass murder who has already killed a large amount of people. This person could be either convicted with the death penalty or sent to prison. If this criminal is sent to prison he will be able to continue to live out his days while costing the state, as well as

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