Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty Essay

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When one thinks about the death penalty, they usually think of capital punishment, which is punishment by death as well as a practice by the government of killing people as punishment for serious crimes. Capital punishment has been used in the United States since 1775 when all thirteen colonies were at the outbreak of the American Revolution. It was not until 1787 that the founding fathers allowed the death penalty when writing the constitution. In 1790 United States Congress established a Federal Death Penalty, which was also called the Crimes Act of 1790, that created six capital offenses, treason, counterfeiting, three variations of piracy or felonies on the high seas, and aiding the escape of a capital prisoner, also in that same year the first person was executed under the United States Federal Death Penalty for committing “murder on the high seas”. The end of the 1700s, brought reform for the death penalty laws, like in 1793 the concept of varying degrees of murder was introduced, which softens the death penalty laws.
With the Federal Death Penalty in place, the United States found ways to cope with the different and varying laws which needed capital punishment. In the late 1800s new reforms began once again, between 1833 and 1835 public hanging executions, were considered cruel and many states changed to private hangings. Ten years after in 1845, the first National Death Penalty Abolition Society was formed, which is still going strong today in 2016. Following that

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