A View Into Death Penalty Essay

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A View into Death Penalty
Back in the 1600’s, British settlers were just beginning to arrive in North America and were exploring the vast lands. They began constructing permanent settlements such as Plymouth and Jamestown. With them, they brought along many customs from Britain; one of them being the way with which they dealt with prisoners: the death penalty. Britain was one of the biggest influence for the use of death sentence in the United States, though various places in Europe also used it. In the settlements and towns, they dealt with criminals by executing them in various ways, including hanging, drowning, shooting, and burning at stake. Some of the most common reasons that led to a person being executed were treason, murder, theft, religious matters and sexuality. (Part I History of the Death Penalty). Nowadays, death penalty is a theme of controversy, not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world. Death penalty is highly controversial because it puts into question the causes of morality, capital costs, ethnicity, constitutionality, discouragement, motives, professionality, and justice.
In the United States, approximately twenty eight states currently occupy death penalty. Death penalty, or capital punishment is applied to people who commit first-degree murder, which is defined as killing in a willful and premeditated manner (First Degree Murder Overview). Officially, capital punishment was reinstated around the 1970’s, and there have been legal

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