Capital Punishment : The United States Legal System

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Al lot of people will either be for capital punishment or against i.e. choose to write about being for capital punishment because I think it’s far when they keep killing over and over they need to know they can’t get away with it As it is beneficial for society as a whole, provides a strong deterrence against future crime, and because it protects the rights of victims of high crime, capital punishment is a legal and appropriate measure in the United States legal system. Capital punishment is the best way to set an example for would be criminals so they will see the punishment if they commit a capital crime. This is also a way to cut down on the jail population, and is rising, which means that jails are becoming over crowed and cannot hold any more prisoners. If capital punishment were used more, there would be fewer inmates on death role. Each time an inmate is executed it would show what happens to people that break the law. If it was made illegal in all states, criminals would run wild because they would know that they would not receive any type of capital punishment., as well as the cost of keeping violent criminals in jail would sky rocket and the overcrowding of jails would happen even faster. Right now it’s starting to be used more and the crowding of death role is starting to decline and no criminals being taken off death role and given life sentences. Also right now new laws are being put into effect that will allow capital punishment to be used more, so…
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