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Capital punishment is a long debated, strongly felt issue that is difficult to resolve. This paper will examine the history behind the issue, the moral and empirical claims made on both sides of the argument and will offer a closer look into who is greatly affected by the use of capital punishment. Careful consideration is made concerning the people behind the issue such as victims, victims’ families, and society as a whole. The following significant ideas concerning the issue are also addressed: revenge and the morality concerning the use of the death penalty, religious positions on the death penalty, public opinion about the death penalty, costs of the death penalty, the innocent people who have been but to death due to the legalization …show more content…
America was built in a time when a death sentence was globally enforced and, therefore, did exist in the early stages of our country's development. In fact, there is nothing regarding the issue of capital punishment in the constitution. It was not until 1897, and congress’ bill "An Act to Reduce the Cases in which the Death Penalty May be Inflicted" did capital punishment become discretionary rather than mandatory. And it was not until 1966 and the civil rights movement that public opposition and fear of the death penalty rose to the point of action. In 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to set the death penalty issue at moratorium in 38 states with the Furman v. Georgia case. However, shortly after with a resurgence of crime in 1976 many states had rewritten their death penalty statutes and reinstated its use (“The Evolution of the Death Penalty).

The issue of capital punishment is not one solely dealt with by the United States. Rather it is a global issue stretching back to the earliest forms civilized society. There are many arguments and concerns regarding capital punishment. How may we in present day America find resolve with an issue so riddled?

Moral Claims

There are many moral arguments used to support or protest capital punishment. Those in favor of the death penalty claim that it is the

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