Captain America Civil War Analysis

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Mingyang Li
White, Bryan Curtiss
28 August 2017

Captain America: Civil War

The movie “Captain America: Civil War” is taken from Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics was founded in 1939, officially named in 1961 for Marvel, former name Timely Comics, Atlas Comics. Boasts a Spiderman, iron man, captain America, Thor, green giant, black widow. They appeared in the movie. The main idea of the film is that Iron Man thinks that super heroes are too powerful for the people to panic, so they have to be controlled by the government. In opposite, Captain America believes that politics and justice are not equal. He disagreed with Iron Man. “Captain America: Civil War” is cleverly constructed, distinctively stylized, and deserves to be called a comic that is not understood. After watching comedies in class and combining what I learned from the class, I found a lot of comedic elements from Professor’s recommendation “Captain America: Civil War”. People usually regard it as an action movie and science fiction movie. However, in the movie, besides fighting fragments, there are some scenes, which fit into three theories that we talked about in our class: superiority, relief, incongruity. The enemy planned to revenge and wanted to break up the avengers. He targeted Captain America. He found that Captain America could not stay out of the winter soldier, who is the enemy of the government. He decided to make a national hero and an enemy of the government "collusion" together to destroy

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