Captain John Smith Analysis

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There must have been high hopes for colonists traveling to the new world. Despite the harsh conditions encountered in their arduous journey, the possibilities of wealth and social mobility alone could make suffering seem worth it. Granted, the first people to arrive in this uncharted territory had no way of knowing what they were really getting themselves into. While some factors, like living in a swampy area, probably could not have been predicted or dealt with given their resources, they certainly could have planned more. The lack of skilled workers proved to be a great disadvantage. Fortunately, Captain John Smith, who had real life experience, took the reigns. He was rather unforgiving, but this actually proved to be a good thing when battling equally unforgiving conditions. His insistence on making everyone work for their food was a huge reason they had any food at all, because they were more concerned with planting tobacco in the hopes of making money. Despite all of their work, food was still scarce, and the new settlers also faced disease and ongoing violence between the native people. The odds were not in their favor. In 1609, when a gunpowder accident forced Smith to return to England, things seemed to go downhill. George Percy …show more content…

In Percy’s account of the starving time, he used increasingly negative language when referencing natives. He spoke about them as if they were crazy, ignorant, Satan-loving heathens. In reality, the English and the natives were both peoples who had their own perspectives and motives. This language and attitude towards their enemy probably made it easier to fight them. Regardless of the reason, the bias should be noted when taking from the account. It is easy for us to look back and think that we could have done better, but when all is said and done, these people, flaws and all, paved the way for people to create and build our now not-so-new

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