Care For The Patient Who Is On Palliative Treatment

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Being given a chance to care for the patient who is on palliative treatment is very meaningful to me. I am so glad to have this experience on my fresh start at clinical placement. It is my first time to encounter and to care for someone who has serious illnesses. Even though, I am not related to this patient my heart is breaking to see him suffering from pain and gasping for his breath. The client is a very nice guy. Despite the pain he is feeling, he managed to smile when I was talking to him. I can see him fighting for his life. The nurses and other people within the health care team are giving their care, comfort and support to the patient and family. The family and friends of the patient also visit him in the facility. There were times that patient decided to not go with his appointment such as the mental aerobics because he was feeling really tired and weak. The patient gets tired very easily with movement such as turning position and lately he preferred to stay in bed to lay down. He also has difficulty swallowing and cough is always present with his eating. The patient loss weight and his appetite was reduced. He is going through a lot of difficulty and pain. Whenever I see him, I always remember my grandfather who passed away at a very young age and had to go through a tough time. I am doing my best to give him comfort at this moment. I also encouraged him to eat to gain the energy he needs.
There was this patient that I had to chance to care

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