Career Essay: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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I have danced around with the many options in the medical field since high school, from paramedic to forensic pathologist and everything in between. I decided on medical assisting because I see it as a step towards other possibilities, a foot in the door to see what I enjoy and will want to do in the future. Medical Assistance have a wide working spectrum and are in many medical areas such as a family clinic, pediatrics, and plastic surgery. Because my goal is a forensic pathologist or autopsy assistant I want to be a medical assistant in plastic or general surgery because I believe it will be a wonderful step towards my goal. As a medical assistant you are held to a high standard of professionalism because the situations you will be working …show more content…

With working at Toyota I always arrive 15 minutes early for work so I can make sure coffee is made, that I have the copies I need to make car packets, and to make sure it’s an easy transition from when I arrive to when the other receptionist leaves. This sometimes does not always happen on Saturdays and Sundays because the managers rarely arrive early for me to get inside so I would be standing outside for 10 to 20 minutes. I do know a few times where I was sharing one car with my boyfriend and one of us either had to leave work or school early to pick up the other one or be late to work or school. Finally we were able to save for a second car and it has made this no longer a problem.
Taking responsibility for your actions and any consequences good or bad that results from the action is another characteristic of professionalism. Everything we discuss in this essay is a form of responsibility from being on time to never calling out to being respectful and showing personal boundaries. I am rarely irresponsible unless it comes to time management in which I may splurge on watching a lot of Doctor Who episodes instead of doing my homework, but my homework always gets done on time. With responsibility comes thoroughness because if you start something you have the responsibility to finish

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